How To Settle Into Your Bartley Vue New Launch Condo Unit

Moving into your Bartley Vue new launch condo unit could be an exciting yet daunting experience. It’s as if loading your entire life into boxes isn’t hard enough; you still have to take note of furniture measurements, hire reliable and experienced movers, and settle into your new place. We understand; that’s an endless list!

Here are a few tips and advice to make moving into your Bartley Vue new launch condo less stressful.

Before Moving House, Declutter

If there’s any right time to set free the hidden Marie Kondo (no pun intended) in you, now’s the moment.

Have a day or more to scan through your possessions and take notes of the things you plan to keep. If you aren’t sure where to begin, it’s always ideal to start in the closet. Trust us, after running that decluttering-motor in you; it would be difficult to stop you then!

Pack in an Organized Manner

A good way to start is to arrange your packing facilities. Many movers give boxes where you’ll pack your things. If you need more boxes than what they provide, make inquiries on their system for providing additional boxes. Sometimes, the cash you pay for more boxes can be paid back should your returned boxes are still in great condition.

Now that you are equipped with luggage, cardboard boxes, stretch film wrap, bubble wrap, tape, pen, you’re good to go.

Load Them by Their Intended Areas

Rather than just packing your things by their purpose, pack them depending on their intended room. After they’ve reached your new house, you can put the boxes in their specified rooms easily. It would make the unpacking process simpler.

Color Code the Boxes

Another helpful tip is to color code the furniture and boxes with your floor plan. Appoint a color for every room so the movers will know exactly where the box should go.

Fragile Items

Label the boxes that have the items needed to be handled with care. So your movers will be extra careful while handling them.


It’s ideal for moving your valuables yourself. It prevents unwanted mishandling or conflicts that might happen while in transit.

Everyday commodities

Your toiletries, toothbrushes, chargers, comforters should be the things that you put last. Packing them all inside a single luggage/box will be useful for fast unpacking at your new home.

Get Measurements

Ensure you get measurements of your furniture and the doors (yes, lift doors as well), passageways, windows, and ceilings of your new home. It will assist in ensuring every piece of furniture in your house can fit into the intended areas. Some houses have compartments with extremely low ceilings, which is something you might have to note.

Pro tip: Try not to leave this lastly, as you’ll need a moment to choose which furniture you cannot take with you. That way, you could also purchase the items that you require and get them ready and hauled to your new location by the period you move.

Learn About Moving Companies Before You Hire

Get quotes from at least three moving corporations to have a feel of the market price. Make sure that the quote is established on an on-site examination and that it is documented in black-and-white. Don’t be shy and inquire if there are any hidden expenses to be conscious of. Additional wrapping required removal of huge items, unforeseen extended time of labor, etc.

Fulfill the Moving Form

You’ll have to apply to the condominium management office to move, together with a safety deposit. This deposit will be reimbursed if no damage to the property is done during the move-in. Talk with the condo management about when you should apply. The submission’s due date differs from a few days to a week before you move.

Furthermore, condos have specific regulations for moving residence. Movers can only do their job at condos throughout the weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm and on Saturdays from 9 am to 1 pm. They should also use padding in lifts to avoid harm.

When You Moved In Already

Note to update your house address with your employer, banks, subscriptions (utilities, home line, mobile phone, etc.), and organizations you are in. Of course, your family and friends too!