Advantages of having a benchtop water purifier

Benchtop Water Purifier

Water purifiers are an absolute must in every home and if you have been looking forward to a benchtop water purifier here are a few things you can look after.

Advantages of a benchtop water purifier

Benchtop water purifiers are small in size and range anywhere between 4 to 15 litres usually. So, you can shift them from one room to another and adjust your space accordingly. This is great for people living in small places. The smaller filters which are usually of around 4 litres can be carried along with you during a short span of travel because they take very less space and you can skip buying water along the route if you have this in your car. Thus, they are portable in that sense.

Varies in range according to the model you choose

A wide range of these benchtop filters are available on the market and they are made of a varied number of materials. Here are a few key materials these filters are made of:

  • Natural stone- Ivy
  • Ceramic materials
  • Plastic materials like regular filters
  • White clay

They may be made of some other materials as well. These operate in different modes. Say the stone and ceramic ones usually work as an advanced pore filter system while the plastic ones have a filtration candle installed in it. Unlike aqua guards and RO filters, these do not have any UV filtration system or reverse osmosis system. but they definitely will purify the water to a safe consumable level. Nowadays many doctors are advising not to go for RO installed filters as they in term might cause a loss of immunity in your system when it comes to prolonged use.

Not ideal for patients

These benchtop water filters are definitely a great option for healthy people however if you have a patient in a home who is suffering from an infectious disease or any other serious issue then it is recommended that you go for advanced water purifying systems instead of this simple and traditional water purifying systems.

Major pros of benchtop filters

These benchtop filters do not remove the natural minerals present in water and are thus of great use for maintaining a healthy system. The ceramic or stone ones even give a cooling effect to the water and is of great use during the summer months.

Removes harmful chemicals and retain the natural taste of water

These benchtop purifiers are capable enough to remove any undesired chemicals from the water like fluorides, chlorine and some other commonly present chemicals. Besides, they also retain the natural taste of water unlike some other water purifying systems.

Available in some great designs

If you want a stylish water purifying system to complement your home décor then you should definitely check out the natural stone and ceramic variants of these benchtop water purifier systems. They have an extremely stylish range to choose from.

Thus, these benchtop purification systems are a great product for many households on condition that you do not have a serious patient at home.