How to Choose Window Blinds According to Your Room Needs

When it comes to decorating, the windows are often thought last but if you ask your visitors, the first thing they see in a room is the windows. With this, you must put careful thought when choosing.

To make things easier, you should choose window blinds according to your room needs. Here’s how to choose window blinds according to your room needs:


For your room, any type of window treatment will do as long as it will enhance your privacy and comfort. However, the most popular is the dark Roman blinds. These blinds are designed with darkening linings and fabrics. Aside from that, they do not have slats or holes that can let the light in.

If you want to sleep during the day, Roman blinds can make a difference. You can also consider electric blinds, which allows you to control it depending on your pre-program setting. In simple terms, it can open or close the blinds according to the times convenient for you.


When it is time to look for kitchen blinds, your main considerations should be the ease of cleaning/maintenance and room humidity/wetness. For humid and wet conditions, you should not choose wood blinds, which can rot or twist the blinds. The better choice here is faux wood blinds or fabric blinds, which are made of polyester.

As with the ease of cleaning/maintenance, it is better to choose metal blinds having smooth finishes. Since it is a kitchen, you can expect that foodstuff will likely come in contact with the blinds. With metal blinds, cleaning can be easier.


The bathroom is notorious for encouraging humid and wet conditions. With this, you must pick a blind material that is not vulnerable to water damage like metal, vinyl or plastic.

Aside from preventing water damage, these materials are also less vulnerable to soak up moisture. This means that it can minimize stains from mildew and molds. At the end of the day, it will lower your bathroom maintenance duties.

Living room

The living room is considered the most “public” space in your house. Knowing this, you have to find clearview blinds that prioritize privacy. For instance, you can consider Roller or Roman blinds as a start. These blinds offer many styles that can complement any living room design.


If you are looking for blinds to be installed in the nursery, you should think of two things – safety and sleep. When it comes to safety, you should consider cordless blinds. However, if you consider corded, make sure that it is not within the reach of your children. For encouraging sleep, you should look for blackout shades.

Final words

If you know the needs of every room at the onset, things will be easier. You do not need designers to ensure that you have an appealing and accommodating space. What you need most here is window blinds professional installers. This is to make sure that the blinds are properly installed for optimum functionality and durability.

About the Author

Jan Catadman took interest in window blinds after knowing how it can improve any room. She loves to help more homeowners to make an informed decision when it comes to home improvement in general. She spends her free time walking on Sites by design to read and write posts!