The Safest Methods of Eradicating Japanese Knotweed

Japanese Knotweed is an extremely invasive plant that is termed as a global disaster. This dangerous and fiery weed was first introduced to the UK in the 19th century and has since then been spreading robustly across towns and cities, and wreaking havoc on most Britain homes. Its strong structure makes it able to grow across hard surfaces like waterways, concrete, tarmac, transport routes, wall cracks, foundations, and much more. It’s one of the most notorious and noxious weeds that are extremely hard to eradicate. Here are the safest methods for Japanese knotweed control and the reasons to hire an expert.

The Use of Tarps

Encasing the Japanese knotweed using tarps during the spring seasons inhibits their growth. Tarps are basically huge plastic or poly sheets that are water-resistant, strong, and flexible. When applied on the landscape in which the Japanese knotweed had grown before, they deprive them of enough light and air, which ends up killing them in the end. Tarps are proven beyond any reasonable doubt to be effective solutions to control Japanese knotweed but only if applied expertly and strategically. Therefore, to realize quality results when eradicating this noxious weed using a tarp, you should consider hiring an expert.

Digging and Extracting the Weed

Digging and extracting the Japanese knotweed may appear to be a simple exercise. Who doesn’t know how to dig weeds anyway? But the truth is, digging noxious and notorious weeds like the Japanese knotweed requires a certain level of expertise and experience. It isn’t one of those simple jobs you can do in the evening after work. The talented and experienced Japanese knotweed control experts found at know how, when, and where to dig to make sure they safely and efficiently extract all the weeds on your landscape.

The Use of Chemicals

Chemicals are no doubt some of the most effective and widely recommended solutions for eradicating the Japanese knotweed. Anyone who has tried eradicating this weed in their homes would know of common herbicides like Glyphosate, Roundup, Ranger, Pondmaster, Gallup, Landmaster, and Rodeo weed kills. All these are great weed removal chemicals. However, they are noxious and can cause various health problems if used wrongly. For someone who knows nothing about weed eradication, trying to use these chemicals to eradicate weed isn’t a safe idea. Experts in this area will have the know-how of the best Japanese knotweed eradication herbicides as well as the safety precautions to observe so that they don’t make any mistakes.


We have given you a detailed outline of some of the best and safe methods of eradicating Japanese Knotweed. You can try them out if you have the expertise and courage needed to do a clean job. But if you’re a naïve homeowner who doesn’t know anything regarding the eradication of toxic and invasive weeds, it’s highly recommended you seek the services of a qualified weed control specialist. Always keep in mind that not every weed eradication specialist will have the skills necessary to eradicate strong and invasive weeds like the Japanese knotweed. It’s only experts like the ones found at who have years of industry experience and expertise.