Why do you must hire a House Manager?

Are you finding the professional home manager (професионален домоуправител) for residential building?  Then don’t go away from the Petrov firm. Hiring and choosing the professional manager from the Petrov firm will save you time and nerves. They know about how to manage and maintain everything in the building and about the condominium. There are many problems and conflicts which are faced by the people who are living in the residential building such as neighboring scandals, unpaid bills, documentation, stairs, inappropriate entrances and other common problems of a building. All these issues will not be faced by the people once you hire the experienced house manager from the Petrov firm.

Why choose Petrov firm for house managers:

  • Experienced: Their staff of house manages are highly experienced and knows how the work should be completed. In the modern era finding the trained house manager is a very difficult task to complete, but all thanks go to the Petrov firm which offers the service of the house managers which provide the quality performance by their work and handle the entire building meetings, general assembly and also take care of the management of the condominium. Their way of doing work is very effective, and you will get the top-notch quality of results. They do the work and resolve the conflicts between the neighbors and awkwardness in the residential building.
  • Skilled: Their skilled house manager’s work with the more than 700 houses in Sofia. They work according to the needs of the private managers and which is suitable for any residential building. They built a system by gathering from their experience which works perfectly according to the service for the residential building. Their system will satisfy the needs of the residential building and give the top-notch service of managing and maintaining the building requirements. They are skilled in solving the problems of organizations and save the conflicts relations between the neighbors.
  • Efficiency: Their way of doing the work is unique and also does their works according to the service package chosen by the client. They work according to the decisions of the general assembly to achieve the top-notch efficiency in the management of the budget. The house managers of the Petrov firm will follow the strict implementation of the general assembly. They provide effective and professional results in the residential building by providing the top-notch quality of performance.
  • Professional: The професионален домоуправител of the Petrov gives the high performance by taking care of the building conflicts, condominium management and always stays with their commitments of the work. There are many people living in the residential building, and they will know the detail about their neighbors, but most of the non-essential things. But the house manager which you hire from the Petrov will know the essential things about every family and person who lives in the residential building. He covers all information about the building such as building owners, how many people are living in the building, funds are in general safe and condominium condition.