6 Kitchen Cleaning Hacks You should Implement in Winter

Kitchen Cleaning

It seems like as soon as winter comes around; our first instinct is to stay indoors where it is warm and cozy. Of course, this is natural, but the more that you do, the

more that your kitchen can become an unforeseen mess that goes beyond the occasional dirty pot or pan.

When you have winter cleaning hacks available like the ones below they will allow you to receive a better home cleaning. This will enable you to enjoy it more once springtime comes around.

Have your Dishwasher Sanitized

The dishwasher is one of the most important appliances in your kitchen that should always be clean. It makes sense because since you serve food you need to make sure that the dishes are truly clean. So how do you easily sanitize your dishwasher? All you have to do is run a cycle set on warm after adding a little lemonade instead of detergent.

After the lemonade and warm water mix, you will be able to easily remove all stains and caked-on grime in no time.

Give your Kitchen Cabinets a Good Clean

If you would like to have “new” kitchen cabinets, then mixing together baking soda with coconut oil will instantly bring back the luster. Simply lather the paste mixture onto the doors of the cabinets then use a toothbrush to wipe the dirt off. In a short amount of time, you will have a shiny, clean, and “like new” appearance.

Give Your Oven a Good Cleaning

Not only will your oven be clean, but your food will taste like the food that you are cooking. To obtain this just mix some baking soda with vinegar and water and this will not only clean your oven, but it will be disinfected too. This is a great alternative to a store brand oven cleaner where you are subjected to all of the harsh chemicals.

Cleaning your Cast Iron

If you are looking for a tip that is smart and efficient, then this is it. All you need to do is put some everyday table salt into the pan then take half of a potato and scrub the pan around with it. Once you’re done and the salt is removed, apply oil inside of the cast iron and then wipe it out.

Removing Kitchen Faucet Water Stains

If you have some orange peels hanging around, then this tip will allow you to put them to work so you can finally get rid of those hard water stains around your kitchen faucet. With the oils and citric acid, you will instantly get a natural mirror finish.

Give your Disposer a good Scrub

If you ever wondered where “that smell” is coming from while home cleaning, then it is likely coming from your garbage disposer. As you give your lower splash guard area a good scrub with a de-greaser, you will be able to break up the built-up food so that you will have a better smelling disposer that will effectively do its job.

Now that you have some great kitchen cleaning hacks, now all you have to do is get up off your couch and get to work.


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