Water booster pump, the perfect solution for low water pressure

water booster pump Singapore

A water booster pump will help in increasing the volume and pressure of water that is flowing in the shower head or faucet. Low water pressure is a nuisance. If you have ever shower in the low water and turn the circles for just getting wet then you will be well aware of the situation. In low water pressure, simple tasks like brushing teeth or bathing also is a hassle. So water booster pump Singapore is the perfect solution for this.

The booster pump will increase the flow and pressure of low water. It will provide the extra boost which is needed for bringing the pressure of water to the desired level. The water booster pump will give the pressure to water so that it can move faster to the storage tank or throughout the whole house.

Causes of low water pressure


Gravity will drive and slowing down the flow of water. At higher elevation, the pressure of the water would be low. One gallon of water will weigh around 8 pounds. If water is traveling to several up floors or uphill then gravity will send it back to the ground. Buildings that are lower than the source of water will also experience the same problem. Apartment buildings, skyscrapers, homes, and businesses with multiple stories will require a large booster pump for moving water up to many stories.


Distance from the source of water and the size of pipes will also affect the pressure of water. When your home is sitting at the end of the supply line of water and then it is possible then the flow of the water will be low till the time it is reaching your home. If the water pipes are small then a smaller amount of water will run through the pipelines.

Low city water pressure

When your house is below the supply line for water and your plumbing pipes are been clear then you will still face the low pressure of water. Sometimes the flow of low water will result from the low water pressure from the local plant of water.

Additional water systems

There are additional water systems or water fixtures for your home which will bring fresh water but it will also decrease the pressure of the water. When you are adding the water booster pump to Singapore then it will restore the pressure of water.

Problems in plumbing

The low water would be the result of transportation, gravity, or additional systems then the water booster pump will fix your issue. Other times the plumbing will cause the low pressure of water.

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