What You Should Know about Wood Flooring

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The world now is fond of changing floor styles. A lot of people wood flooring for their own homes. This type of flooring involves the use of solid woods to create a level. You can find a wood flooring company Hong Kong or wherever you may be to handle this. Wood flooring has to be handled by a professional since it involves the use of unique solid woods which are often in layers. So if you want to have an exceptional wood flooring, it is better to work with a dependable wood flooring company. Often they send a team of professionals who are experts in floor designs. It used to be that homes use tiles for their floors; the trend now is to use wooden floors instead.

The following are some tips you may need to consider when hiring a floor expert specializing on wooden floors:

Expertise and experience

This can be considered the most important factor to consider when looking for a floor expert. When you hire a professional expert, you can now rest assured that the job is half done. When you are checking for these wooden flooring experts online, you can visit their sites and analyze all the installations that they were able to do in the past. You may also check on the methods used in preparing subfloors, the kinds of materials, the adhesives used, and their process of sanding and finishing.

Range of timber options

A lot of things are required for you to have the best possible flooring at home. You have to ask the contractor the types of timber species that are offered by the company. Pick one that is best for your location’s environment and climate conditions.

When it comes to timber, you have many perimeters to think of. One of them is if you would go for the unfinished or finished hardwood flooring. The unfinished option is great if you intend to have a custom stain applied on the floor before its final finish or if you like to match the color of the current floor.

The prefinished hardwood flooring, on the other hand, comes from the factory and it is already sanded and sealed which makes the installation so much easier.

You also have to choose from the solid or engineered timber. When you say solid hardwood flooring it means that it is all wood and it is 5/8 to 3/4 inches thick. It can also be sanded and refinished multiple times.

You also have to figure out with the contractor or company such as any timber flooring Hong Kong company in Asia the species of wood that is best for your residential floor. The best hardwood floors are very hard. Some good options are maple, oak, and cherry.