Finding a Serviced Apartment – Why It Is a Good Choice for Travelers

Serviced Apartments in Singapore

A service apartment is a fully furnished apartment designed to provide a one-of-a-kind temporary home for almost everyone. In fact, it is very similar to any ordinary apartment. However, the big difference is that it offers all the amenities that a modern hotel has to offer, and perhaps more. At the same time, you are sure to enjoy the comfort and privacy that you often experience in your own home.

Features / Amenities

  1. Household appliances and appliances. Any full service apartment is sure to offer full appliances and utilities that even the best hotels may not provide. The kitchens are equipped with stoves, gas stoves and microwaves, which are enough for you to want to prepare meals for your family.

Similarly, most modern serviced apartments these days offer residents high-tech gadgets and appliance systems like a home theater, HVAC, and washing machine, providing total comfort and convenience.

  1. Wi-Fi / Internet connection. Many of these apartments have fast and reliable internet connections. This means that guests can surf the Internet and carry out important transactions online from the comfort of their own room.
  1. Convenience. If you decide to stay in a service apartment, you will surely enjoy the 24-hour cleaning service as well as the parking. Not only that, many modern apartments of this type now feature other luxurious amenities such as swimming pools, gyms, spas, and saunas.

No need to go any further if you need a variety of renovation, laundry and even travel services, as many of these establishments have incorporated these into their basic functions and offer them as service apartments.

Benefits of a service apartment 

Homely atmosphere

A decisive advantage that you can take advantage of when choosing an apartment of this type instead of a motel or hotel room is that they offer a homely atmosphere and atmosphere. Many former and current tenants would definitely find their apartment maintenance experience similar to being in their own home. 


Most of the modern serviced apartment near bugis is equipped with effective security systems as well as 24 hour security to ensure the safety of the complex.


Serviced apartments offer the level of privacy that all tenants want, unlike hotels, which generally only provide limited privacy to their guests.

Affordable rate

People are used to staying in hotels when they are out of town or abroad. However, sometimes the cost of a hotel room can be very high. Staying in hotels will get even more expensive if you bring your family with you.

Now you don’t have to worry too much about prohibitive accommodation prices, as you can opt for much more affordable apartments. They are much cheaper than hotels and therefore the perfect choice when it comes to ideal and affordable accommodation.