What are the reasons for forming HOAs?

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In today’s modern world people are preferring to live in communities rather than staying in independent houses. The main reason being in an independent house all the basic things and services has to be managed by the owner where as in a community there is an association who would take care of the major activities which is common for all the houses.There are HOAs which are associations and are formed with a common motto.The goal of the association is to take care of the day to day activities of the community in which they stay.There are HOA management company San Antonio has and is very well known.The shared common areas of the association like the swimming pools,clubhouses and other fun amenities are maintained by the association.People who live in the community are privileged to enjoy these facilities however they will have to pay for these facilities.There would be a monthly fee which would be collected from every home owner.The few would vary from one association to other.It would all depend on the facilities available and the area of the community. All the people of the community can take advantage of the facilities. Now a days people would like to avail all the facilities at their home. Like having a swimming pool, library, gym has become essential for people. But maintaining it is a big challenge. Hence the best option is living in a community.

The HOA would take care of the maintenance part of the common area. The fees would be reasonable when compared to having these facilities in an independent house. It would be next to impossible to maintain and to get all these facilities at home if we stay in an independent house. In a community since the expenditure is shared by all the community members it becomes easy to avail these facilities. The best part is that there is board of community members who ensure that the common areas are well maintained. If there is any repairs or any clean-up to be done in the common areas the expenditure would be taken from the maintenance fees which is charged from all the homeowners on monthly bases.

Let’s see what is HOA fees: 

The monthly fees which is paid to the association for maintenance of the common area and to take care of the day to day activities like cleaning the garbage disposal.Insurance,tax and reserve contributions are also taken care with this monthly fees which is collected from the homeowners. 


People would like to enjoy the facilities of having a gym, library, swimming pool and park at home. However it is a costly affair if we want to have these facilities in an independent house. Instead if we live in a community and if there are a group of people with the common interest then we can enjoy these benefits at a lesser cost. HOAs would be the coordinating team to ensure that these facilities are well maintained.