Find the common bed sheet and bedding fabrics

southwestern style bedding

Shopping for bed sheet and bedding is the interesting process that upgrades bedroom with new look. But choosing all these with suitable choice is the confusing task. There are various types of fabrics for bedding. Choosing one suitable fabric is an essential task. Choosing your favorite color is just an option, while choosing fabric for bedding. It is important to choose the right fabric that suits your preferences. This is actually bit more complicated. In this article you can understand about few common fabrics used with bedding.


It the common fabrics used to make sheets and many other bedding works. This kind of material is durable, breathable, soft, easy to care and affordable. Thus cotton is available in different types based on the cotton quality and the dying. Few of the types are

  • Egyptian cotton – It is the most luxurious kind of cotton. When you are shopping for soft and high quality bed sheets, then this can be your suitable choice. This cotton is grown in the warm and dry climate and it is has the extra large fiber that is responsible for smoothest and softest nature of fabric.
  • Pima cotton – This type is known for its natural sheen and softness. It has medium to large fibers that can be used with bed sheets.
  • Upland cotton – This is the commonly grown cotton in world. This is not as large as Egyptian and pima and the softness is also lower when compared with other cotton varieties. This kind of cotton bed sheets are given with bargain rate.
  • Supima – This is the trademark name for fibers and materials woven with pure cotton.
  • Microcotton – This is a variety that has fine cotton thread. This is more soft and absorbent in nature.


It is the right choice for cold winter nights combed to fluff up fibers.


It is a brand name made out of eucalyptus tree wood pulp. It is soft and more durable with natural antimicrobial. This is fairly cool and breathable.


It is the luxurious material produced by silkworms. This material is delicate and cost effective.


This is the manmade material that is produced from same polymers that are used to make plastic drink bottles.

These are few of the material found with bedding. Along with the materials, there are types of bedding style. You should choose one that suits your lifestyle and comfort. Among every type found in the market, southwestern style bedding is the right choice when you need higher comfort level.